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Social Responsibility – Sport related activities

Dr. Castrillon was a runner since he was 14 years old, former national champion in his born country for several years (1998- 2000). He earned a scholarship to course his bachelor’ s degree in one of the most prestigious universities in Puerto Rico, where he became state champion in 2005 and received an academic scholarship to complete his master’s degree.

Dr. Castrillon started to do a double discipline with cycling and become state champion in duathlon in 2008-2009. 

All this physical and mental stress put his lumbar spine under stress and due to lack of knowledge about chiropractic care, he developed lumbar disc herniations due to stress to the spine being misaligned, now under corrective chiropractic care is back in sporting activities.

Dr. C’s goal is to complete an Ironman 70.3 soon. This past 2019 Dr C rode 2650 miles on bike and almost 100 miles running, showing that even with herniated disc disease is possible to enjoy the activities we love, in his case with chiropractic care.

All this seasoned experience, discipline, courage and determination made Dr. Castrillon to become the humble person he is. There is no other better profession to promote high performance health in sports than chiropractors. 

After all the knowledge and ability in sports developed along the years; Dr Castrillon believes in exercising the right way from the beginning to avoid injuries, increase progressively your performance and reach the goals you determine you want and can achieve.  

Dr. Castrillon has participated in charity events for years and has supported families, organizations and causes like the tour of cure, Ciclovida tour, local athletic races, memorials, among others. Now Dr. C passion is to engage in this type of rides/ races to create awareness and help the right causes. 

We love to participate in charity activities and athletic events that promote social engagement and wellness. Let us know, how we can be part of any event or activity in the area that involves the building of our community and continue our culture of giving, loving and serving.

Social Responsibility – Social Support activities

Across the organization called “Fundación Santiago 1:27” we have had the blessing of help hundreds of people in need, giving them food, clothes and governmental connection to supporting services across churches, non profit organizations and drug detox centers, providing them with support, encouragement, and love for several years.

The page is in Spanish mostly for several activities provided to the Hispanic population, contact us to serve our Wesley Chapel community area.


Soon we will provide our patients with the tools and resources to get informed decisions about general wellbeing on topics such as financial planning skills, how to start my exercise plan, how to become a better person in my soul, how to reach my purpose, among others will be hot topics in our blogs coming soon.

Our Mission is to promote self-directed patients towards healthy lifestyles

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