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At @EOLChiro our goal is to teach you and allow you to experiment how the body can unleash its innate ability to heal, adapt to stress and thrive, bringing back your best “Expressions of Life”

How Chiropractic Works?

The human body is composed of 12 different systems; all of them coordinated by the nervous system. When the nervous system is not 100% in control,  the presence of illness start to occur and symptoms like pain, lack of functioning, poor energy and  changes in physical performance among others are signs that something is affecting the master control in the human body. 



























One in control of all of them:

Nervous System

CENTERAL = Brain and Spinal Cord

PERIPHERAL= From the nerve roots to peripheral organs/systems and vice versa

One of the Least Invasive Options to Heath

Chiropractors are physicians trained to locate, analyze and correct vertebral misalignments called subluxations. This specific body dysfunction affects normal brain and body communication and are silent killers that interfere with your body’s adaptation to different stress loads = your body is unable to keep the homeostasis balance of life; having hipofunctioning or hyperfunctioning alterations of the different systems. 

Chiropractors identify millimetric variances in your spinal column; which is the host and protector of the central nervous system. The spinal column can have motion, giving us plasticity of movement and structure.  Any of the movable vertebral or pelvic bones can shift out of normal alignment and just a few millimeters can represent significant abnormal physiology for the human body. Have your chiropractic examination and know how the power that made the body heal the body works from the inside out.


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What to Expect?

Day 1

 Every patient onset is different and for that reason we execute an in-depth  case history and physical examination to identify possible root causes and right diagnosis, (some cases may require x rays / MRI / MRA / CT Scan / Lab work = all depend on patient presentation) be prepared to spend 30 – 50 minutes approximately in your first visit

(To reduce wait time, contact our office so we can email the initial forms. Please filled them out and bring proper identification at the time of your appointment.) 

Day 2

Report of Findings = your examination results will be provided, explanation of the details of your diagnosis/condition, what to expect, plan of care to determine if you are a chiropractic patient or need to be referred out for another services and the expected prognosis of your condition will be provided.

We use specific chiropractic examination tools like Delta T; showing differentials in thermography as one of the most reliable tools to diagnose specific vertebral misalignments that is affecting normal blood and nerve flow at every involved intervertebral foramen, also Surface Electro Myogram SeMG graphics.



After we perform any needed physical, orthopedic and spinal examination we will use a wide range of tools / techniques that adapt to every patient needs, we use Rotatory techniques such as diversified, and  non-rotatory techniques such as Gonstead cervical chair, Thompson, Artrostim and Toggle recoil for the cervical spine.

For Thoracic, Lumbopelvic and extremities we use Gonstead (prone and side posture), Thompson, Diversified and Artrostim. Also, we use modalities such as manual therapy, percussive massage therapy, cryotherapy and electrical muscle stimulation.

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No walk ins, only by appointment either by phone or text.